I'm Alek Darr.

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I'm a marketer. I'm a product user, designer, and deployer. I'm a brochure website creator.

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Consumer technology has always fascinated me—especially the internet. I believe we're at the tip of the iceberg in terms of the benefits the internet can provide for humanity. I'm always willing to test out the next best thing, with 400+ online accounts and 350+ apps on my iPhone to prove it (the emergence of password managers has been life-changing!).

I’ve worked at an internet startup, freelanced in website and product/service design, and I now work at a software company in Raleigh, North Carolina. I’m devoted to great user experiences as a consumer and a producer.

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Global interests.

I go placesliterally. Much of my exposure to the world began during a study abroad experience. See where I've been so far on my travel page.

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Northwest Ohio origins.

From Flag City, USA (Findlay, Ohio), now living in Raleigh, North Carolina.

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My work.

I maintain a small number of clients in my efforts to further my knowledge of marketing/branding and expand my web design/development capabilities. Here are some of the things I've produced.

Busy Barnacles

- Prototype Launched November 2021 -

Busy Barnacles is a prototype web application to help people find places to work remotely. Users can filter by cost (No Cost, Low Cost, and High Cost), and/or feature, and can search for for places nearby.
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As mentioned above, I'm devoted to great user experiences as a consumer and a producer. I consume things. I produce things. I typically intend to consume, but I struggle to find a product/service that offers what I'm looking for - so I make it myself. I do my best to capture relevant thoughts along the way and write blog posts semi-regularly. Take a look at some of my posts below.
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