The Next Level Performance Training.

The Next Level Performance Training is a fitness solution for personal training and sport-specific performance training in the Columbus, Ohio area. The owner/trainer, Ryan Brooks, had some specific intentions for the website in mind in terms of practicality/functionality, which needed to be designed to work with common tools such as Google Suite. Much of the written copy was provided by Ryan, leaving most elements of design and function to my own imagination. The result is an attractive, easily-manipulated website aimed at being as informative as it is interactive and practical. Easily-manipulated is key, as Ryan preferred to not have interact with the website himself due to lack of knowledge. As such, various tools were embedded to make updating information as simple and user-friendly as possible.

Tools used:

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“I've been lucky enough to know Alek personally & professionally. As his personal trainer, I learned a lot about his internal drive & motivation to become a better version of himself on the daily! As my personal training business expanded, I've been able to view Alek on a professional level as he created the website for my company. Not only did he build it from the bottom up, he maintains it 24/7 for me. Although our relationship began as client/trainer, Alek's professionalism throughout this process has been top-notch! He is extremely prompt on getting back to me when I have questions/ideas and his follow through is executed on a high level. All that said, Alek's knowledge & expertise in website design is one that I would highly recommend to any individual or company looking to build a website to further promote their business!”

Ryan Brooks

-Owner/Trainer @ The Next Level Performance Training
-Head Strength and Conditioning Coach @ Olentangy Berlin High School