NOTE: As of this writing, the Painters' Pottery website still reflects my work for the most part. Shortly after my relocation to Raleigh in late 2019, the owners decided to take over the ownership and maintenance of the website.

Painters' Pottery.

Painters' Pottery is a paint your own pottery studio in downtown Findlay, Ohio that has recently reopened after a 9-year hiatus. Having already been an established brand, much of the designs are already established and, therefore, were quick and easy to implement in the web environment. Much like the Crawford Street Gym project, the Painters' Pottery website incorporates a strong favoring of responsiveness to ensure user-friendliness. In addition to web design and development, I also configured and implemented various Google tools, which are listed in the "tools used" below.

Tools used:

Google Analytics logo
CSS3 logo
Google Ads logo
Google My Business logo
HTML5 logo
Adobe Illustrator logo
Adobe Photoshop logo
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