NOTE: As of this writing, the NickName Sports website is not accessible. I continue to work with the owners of the business, and the organization is currently undergoing an adjustment to the business plan.

NickName Sports.

NickName Sports is a multimedia sports entertainment network, which provides unique perspective through sports talk and articles. The owners came to me with an existing radio show affiliated with ESPN The Ticket and an idea to branch out into a stand-alone brand. From there, I designed the logo and associated brand materials such as fonts/colors and some physical items like business cards. I also designed, developed and continue to manage their website.

Tools used:

Google Analytics logo
CSS3 logo
G Suite logo
HTML5 logo
Adobe Illustrator logo
Adobe Photoshop logo
Trello logo
WordPress logo
“Alek brought it upon himself to share his ideas in regards to helping me establish a brand/network for my sports media content. He not only designed the logo and website from scratch, but has been an integral part in the entire process of creating what we both believe will be a successful multi-media platform. Alek prepared me to grow accustomed to the website building process while continually pitching ideas in order to propel the growth of the website, whether it may pertain to content placement, color scheme, verbiage, or general marketing principles. Alek has been and will continue to be my number one recommendation for those who are seeking web design services.”

Nick Switala

Co-Founder @ NickName Sports