NOTE: As of this writing, the Crawford Street Gym website still reflects my work. As of October 1, 2021, though, the gym is under new management. The new owners intend to make a number of changes, including the website and other brand materials that I created for the gym.

Crawford Street Gym.

As part of an ownership transition, I was tasked with designing various elements of the Crawford Street Gym brand; most notably, the logo and website. The new owner's primary concerns were simplicity and practicality. The overall goal was to provide a resource that is easily accessible with content that is informative, appealing, and simply consumed. Though it was never an explicit priority, the website was built with my personal favoring of utmost responsiveness to ensure a positive user experience on any device.

Tools used:

CSS3 logo
HTML5 logo
Trello logo
Adobe Illustrator logo
Adobe Photoshop logo
WordPress logo
Google My Business logo
Google Analytics logo
Google Ads logo
“Alek has been involved in all aspects of our marketing. He designed the logo and associated brand materials. He designed various print marketing materials. He also coordinated with a local marketing company to design our facility’s exterior. Alek also designed, developed, and continues to maintain our website. Being a small business focused on self-sufficiency, our goal was to make the brand and website informative, appealing, and practical so that it requires little effort on our part. Alek was able to effectively reach these goals and even incorporated additional aspects, such as Google Advertising and a member login function. In all steps along the way, Alek was very professional and creative. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Alek to anyone looking for web design services.”

Mike Mallett

Owner @ Crawford Street Gym
Founder/CEO @ LiveShopper, LLC