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Published: July 17, 2020
Last Modified: June 18, 2022

I’ve got a jumbo monitor that takes my web design workflow to the next level. It’s similar to the 34″ CJ791 Thunderboltᵀᴹ 3 Ultra Wide Screen Curved Monitor by Samsung, but I’m not certain that my model matches exactly. After I got it, I went looking for high resolution wallpapers to take advantage of the screen size. I found a lot of places that had them for sale, but I wasn’t really looking to spend money on the images for this purpose. There are also a number of places out there that offer them for free, but they include a watermark – not what I was looking for, either. I started digging on reddit to see if others found a good, free source for widescreen wallpapers.

Of course, reddit delivered. I found the r/WidescreenWallpaper subreddit with a very active subscriber base. I’ve now collected over 200 beautiful images that cycle every 15 minutes on my MacBook Pro. The vast majority are 3440×1440, but there are many that are even larger than that. They even look great on the laptop itself! Since I’ve collected these images from others, I’ve been thinking of ways to share the wealth.

I linked the folder containing these images to my Google Drive and made it publicly available. So, now you can see my entire collection of widescreen wallpapers at any given time. Click the button below to check them out and feel free to download any/all of them for yourself. I add new images regularly, so check back when you need some more!

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