I designed a new logo for my personal brand

Published: August 20, 2020
Last Modified: June 14, 2023

As the title suggests, I have created a new logo for my personal brand. It meets all of the same goals of the previous logo: it’s crisp and modern, its features lend themselves well to my motto/slogan – “well rounded,” it’s more scalable, and it incorporates all of my initials.


Alek Darr old logo
Old logo


The old logo had a scalability problem. This was most apparent when I was designing my favicon – the little image up in the browser tab next to my website title. The old logo, when reduced to the size necessary for the favicon, was too difficult to discern. I was forced to use only the “a” portion of the old logo as a result of that. The new logo is more scalable than the previous logo and solves this problem.


Additionally, the new logo incorporates all three of my initials. The old logo only incorporated the first and last initial.

Check out my new logo! I put together this fancy animation so that it illustrates how the initials come together to make up the logo mark.

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