Goodberry’s Flavor of the Day Calendar

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I wrote an email a couple months ago to Goodberry’s, a frozen custard business based here in Raleigh, with an idea. Currently, Goodberry’s informs customers of their Flavor of the Day with an image of a calendar containing each day’s flavor. It’s easy enough to find, as it is, on their website or by a quick search on Google. They also post their flavors on social media if you’re into that kind of thing.

I proposed that they create a subscribe-able public calendar so that customers can see the Flavor of the Day just by looking at their devices. Not only that, but Goodberry’s can also embed the calendar on their website. The result is a much better system where the website updates itself and the delicious flavor of the day is delivered directly to customers automatically.

I never heard back, and I don’t see that they’ve created such a calendar. So, I created it myself. See the calendar below. I’m keeping an eye on Goodberry’s website using Trackly. When each month’s schedule is released, I’ll make sure to update it in a timely manner.

Get The Calendar

Instructions to subscribe to the Goodberry’s Flavor of the Day calendar for both Apple iCal and Google Calendar are below.


To subscribe on your iOS/MacOS/iPadOS calendar, go to Settings > Calendar > Accounts > Add Account > Other > Add Subscribed Calendar and paste this link:

iOS Shortcut

Add the shortcut to your iPhone or iPad by clicking this link. After adding the shortcut, you’ll be able to ask Siri for the Flavor of the Day at any time – even using a HomePod!

4/29/2021 UPDATE: The shortcut has been updated to include a built-in method to subscribe to the Flavor of the Day calendar if you choose. It is set by default to check your device’s calendar for events where the Flavor of the Day is included in the title. If you are already subscribed to the calendar, the shortcut will not prompt you to subscribe. If you’re not, the shortcut will ask you if you want to subscribe. If you don’t want to subscribe, and don’t want to be asked to subscribe going forward, change the Number near the top of the shortcut editor to “0.”

5/18/2021 UPDATE: The shortcut will now display the Flavor of the Day when it’s ran on an iOS device, rather than speak it out loud. If the user asks Siri “What’s the Flavor of the Day?” then Siri will speak the result.

6/7/2021 UPDATE: The shortcut will now prompt for decision on whether you would like to subscribe to the Flavor of the Day calendar or not. If you’d like to be asked to subscribe, leave the number as 1. If not, change to 0.

Google Calendar

Select Subscribe via Google Calendar below to add the Flavor of the Day calendar.