Unlocking the Potential: The Power of App-Specific Passwords

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NOTE: This article contains referral links Wealthfront. If you don’t already have a Wealthfront account, please consider using my link to give the app a try! When you use my link to sign up, and fund a Cash Account, we’ll both get a 0.50% APY boost for 3 months. If you’re an avid user of personal finance apps, you understand … Read More

Apple Shortcut: Capture/Save Receipt

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NOTE: This article contains referral links to my personal finance app of choice, Monarch Money. Please consider using my link to give the app a try – you’ll get a 30-day trial instead of the standard 7-day trial! If you decide to pay to continue, I’ll get a small credit towards my own Monarch Money subscription. I do my best … Read More

Busy Barnacles: Find places to work remotely near you.

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Recently, Abrigo provided all employees with a Wellness Week to recharge after a hectic period of time during Paycheck Protection Program activity. The Wellness Week allowed us to disconnect from work for a week. The company even provided all employees with a stipend to sweeten the deal. During my Wellness Week, I began Google’s UX Design Certificate Course on Coursera … Read More

iOS Shortcuts (made by yours truly)

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iOS Shortcuts are incredibly useful tools for those of us that enjoy products made by Apple. I’ve made a handful of unique shortcuts that I use daily. I was able to refashion a couple of them in template form that you can download and add to your iOS/iPadOS device. See the shortcuts I’ve made so far below. You can expect … Read More

I abstained from drinking alcohol for almost 2 months

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In case you’re not aware, near the beginning of August I decided to challenge myself to abstain from drinking alcohol for nearly 2 months. The original intention was to continue this goal for the entire duration. Due to my accepting of a job offer, and some family coming to visit us, I made an adjustment and added a cheat day … Read More

I designed a new logo for my personal brand

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As the title suggests, I have created a new logo for my personal brand. It meets all of the same goals of the previous logo: it’s crisp and modern, its features lend themselves well to my motto/slogan – “well rounded,” it’s more scalable, and it incorporates all of my initials. Improvements Scalability The old logo had a scalability problem. This … Read More

Alcohol Abstention Goal Update

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A few weeks ago I wrote about my goal to be alcohol-free until September 25, 2020. I update a calendar on that post, daily, indicating whether or not I drank on a given day. I’ll save you the click and inform you that I haven’t had an alcoholic beverage in over 2 weeks. I accurately predicted that this wouldn’t be … Read More

I decided to stop drinking alcohol for almost two months – publicly.

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As the title suggests, I decided stop drinking alcohol for a little while. My alcohol consumption is currently hurting me in two ways: it’s costing me money and it’s causing my weight loss progress to slow. I plan to achieve this goal, and I’m going to update this page daily to hold myself accountable. I’ve been reducing my body weight … Read More

Widescreen Wallpapers

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I’ve got a jumbo monitor that takes my web design workflow to the next level. It’s similar to the 34″ CJ791 Thunderboltᵀᴹ 3 Ultra Wide Screen Curved Monitor by Samsung, but I’m not certain that my model matches exactly. After I got it, I went looking for high resolution wallpapers to take advantage of the screen size. I found a … Read More

Goodberry’s Flavor of the Day Calendar

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In early 2020, I emailed Goodberry’s, a frozen custard business in Raleigh, suggesting an optimization for their Flavor of the Day information. Currently, customers can find the daily flavor on their website or by searching on Google. Additionally, they share updates on social media platforms. My proposal was to create a public calendar that customers could subscribe to, allowing them … Read More