Busy Barnacles: Find places to work remotely near you.

Alek DarrFront Page, Produce

Recently, Abrigo provided all employees with a Wellness Week to recharge after a hectic period of time during Paycheck Protection Program activity. The Wellness Week allowed us to disconnect from work for a week. The company even provided all employees with a stipend to sweeten the deal. During my Wellness Week, I began Google’s UX Design Certificate Course on Coursera … Read More

iOS Shortcuts (made by yours truly)

Alek DarrFront Page, Produce

iOS Shortcuts are incredibly useful tools for those of us that enjoy products made by Apple. I’ve made a handful of unique Shortcuts that I use daily. I was able to refashion a couple of them in template form that you can download and add to your iOS/iPadOS device. See the Shortcuts I’ve made so far below. You can expect … Read More

I abstained from drinking alcohol for almost 2 months

Alek DarrProduce

In case you’re not aware, near the beginning of August I decided to challenge myself to abstain from drinking alcohol for nearly 2 months. The original intention was to continue this goal for the entire duration. Due to my accepting of a job offer, and some family coming to visit us, I made an adjustment and added a cheat day … Read More

I designed a new logo for my personal brand

Alek DarrProduce

As the title suggests, I have created a new logo for my personal brand. It meets all of the same goals of the previous logo: it’s crisp and modern, its features lend themselves well to my motto/slogan – “well rounded,” it’s more scalable, and it incorporates all of my initials. Improvements Scalability The old logo had a scalability problem. This … Read More

Alcohol Abstention Goal Update

Alek DarrProduce

A few weeks ago I wrote about my goal to be alcohol-free until September 25, 2020. I update a calendar on that post, daily, indicating whether or not I drank on a given day. I’ll save you the click and inform you that I haven’t had an alcoholic beverage in over 2 weeks. I accurately predicted that this wouldn’t be … Read More

I decided to stop drinking alcohol for almost two months – publicly.

Alek DarrProduce

As the title suggests, I decided stop drinking alcohol for a little while. My alcohol consumption is currently hurting me in two ways: it’s costing me money and it’s causing my weight loss progress to slow. I plan to achieve this goal, and I’m going to update this page daily to hold myself accountable. I’ve been reducing my body weight … Read More

Widescreen Wallpapers

Alek DarrConsume, Front Page

I’ve got a jumbo monitor that takes my web design workflow to the next level. It’s similar to the 34″ CJ791 Thunderboltįµ€į“¹ 3 Ultra Wide Screen Curved Monitor by Samsung, but I’m not certain that my model matches exactly. After I got it, I went looking for high resolution wallpapers to take advantage of the screen size. I found a … Read More

Goodberry’s Flavor of the Day Calendar

Alek DarrConsume, Front Page, Produce

I wrote an email a couple months ago to Goodberry’s, a frozen custard business based here in Raleigh, with an idea. Currently, Goodberry’s informs customers of their Flavor of the Day with an image of a calendar containing each day’s flavor. It’s easy enough to find, as it is, on their website or by a quick search on Google. They … Read More